Out with the Old - In with the New - Remodels

2015 - 2016

We, at J.O. Young Company, Inc., realize that American home owners are frustrated with the high cost of new housing.  We have been working with home owners who want the new construction, yet will not, or cannot, pay the high cost associated with purchasing a brand new house.  Renovations and remodels are now in demand.  Home owners can create their own designs as we work with them to bring professional, decorative results in their New England style homes.  Scroll below to view kitchen and bath updates.

Shown below, this is a ranch style house that was built in the 1950's.

Kitchen islands can be multi-purpose as shown below on the multi-level island.

Ranch style house kitchen update (below).

Islands can be created, below, by covering older butcher block furniture to match with the new countertops, as shown below in this newer ranch style home kitchen update.

A wet bar with undermount bar sink, below, also creatively designed by J.O. Young Co.

               More island space, with a stove installed, in this old home renovation, below.

Bathroom updates shown below.

  Bath update to a newer ranch style home.

Entire bathroom update to an older home  renovation, all constructed by J.O. Young Company.


Bathroom update included with a new addition to an old New England colonial home.

Old colonial home side porch update, below.     

                                Before                                                                       After

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