In-Law Aparment in Wilbraham, MA

                                                            Wilbraham, MA Addition

Front Finished Photo - Below

Extensive work was done to this older style house in a nice New England town set in Western Massachusetts.  The house is vinyl sided, bordered with white freeze board.  The brick on the front of the house matches the brick on the chimney.  Scroll below to view the job as it progressed.

Below - Front view picture of the ranch house before. 

Original front view picture of the ranch entrance - below.

Shown below, in the rear of the house an in-law apartment is started behind the garage.  A Great room has been built behind the kitchen. 

The Completed Exterior of the Great Room and the In-Law Apartment (below).

See below - Addition in Progress - Raising the Roof of the Existing Main House

Full Addition - Back view - Pictured Below

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